Who is Berkay Tulpar ?

“Hair transplantation is highly related to experience.”

Having started his journey with “the aim of providing solutions at international level to his customers, achieving successful operation results and providing patient satisfaction”, Berkay TULPAR is an internationally recognized brand with increasing demand every year as a result of the operations carried out in many countries, primarily in Europe, and has also shown itself in the field of health tourism.

Berkay Tulpar has achieved successful results using the latest technology FUE, DHI, Sapphire, Lateral Slit technique and other techniques he determined appropriate to the needs of every patient and continues to improve these techniques, processes and equipment used in parallel with today’s technology. Berkay Tulpar, well known throughout the world, holds conferences abroad and meets with patient candidates and patients and answers their questions. We expect you to gain the trust you think you have lost, to realize your dreams and to see you with a smiling face under the leadership of Murat Türegün with our amateur-spirited professional staff in the field of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

“Berkay Tulpar in Europe”

In order to provide follow-ups to the successful operations conducted in Turkey, to check-in with the patients and pre-interview them, Berkay Tulpar makes regular, monthly visits to Europe and provides his patients with free-of-charge follow-up opportunities. During these visits, he can follow the post-transplantation process and developments.

After the patient makes their decision, we arrange all services (hotel reservations, tickets, airport transfer) before coming to Turkey, without troubling the patient. After the patient goes back to their country, we arrange phone calls (tenth day, first month, third month, sixth month and first year check-ins) and examinations once a month to ensure patient satisfaction.

We prepared a video that you can find on the main page with patients from all over the World, about what you will experience in this journey.

Your health and hair is very precious to us. Because of that, you can download the contract we prepared to ensure you will not have any health issues before your departure from your country, at the bottom of the page.

You can find the İstanbul city tour package in our contract and have a comfortable travelling experience when you are here.

We wish you a pleasant journey.