DHI Hair Transplantation

With a special pen, the collected follicles are placed to the transplantation zone at the same direction as other hair strands without opening a channel. This enables a fast recovery. The professional that conducts the transplantation transplants the follicles one by one, thus adjusting the density as per your request and giving you the hair you always wanted. During transplantation the direction of hair growth is also arranged, protecting the natural look.


During the hair channel opening phase of hair transplantation; instead of using metal slit ends, transplantation is performed with the help of the ends produced from real sapphire, which is a very valuable mine. The advantages of using sapphire ends are; due to the smooth and antibacterial surface of the Sapphire end, both trauma and tissue damage are minimised as there is less vibration during the hair channel opening phase. One of the biggest differences that separates Sapphire from other systems is that it allows for more dense hair transplant. There are different sizes of sapphire ends designed for each different areas that get balding to open the hair channel. The amount of oedema seen after the application is much less than other methods.


FUE is not a hair transplantation technique. FUE is only the process of takin hair follicles from the donor area without damage, one by one with special tipped micro-motor under local anaste. The biggest advantage of FUE is that there are no scar or sutures. Hair follicles are taken one by one and the recovery time is much shorter than other methods. Under these circumstances patients choice easily that it is the most effective hair removal method of.

Long Hair Transplantation

In Long Hair technique, hair follicles are taken and planted long by tools which have special ends. Hair is not shaved. In order to make the healing process faster, the canals are opened with Sapphire technique. Hair transplantation can be done with this technique to the front, side and top areas of the head that have started to get bald. In comparison with other hair transplantation methods, the duration of operation and the process of hair transplantation in Long Hair technique do not change.

Lateral Slit

We use a special tool that we have developed with blades prepared specifically according to the graft thickness used to open the channels and the planned surgery.

With this method, channels are opened at much smaller angles than other methods. This angle can be reduced to an average angle of 10-15 degrees. In hair transplantation, you get the original hair growth angles before you lose your hair. Especially in those with thin skin, it provides an advantage in the transplantation to the beard area.

Thanks to specially prepared tools, the natural angle of your beard is imitated.

Since the depth of the channel opened by this technique is adjusted according to the root length of the grafts taken, there is no risk of the deep opening of the canals. This removes us from the possibility of damage to superficial fine vessels by other materials that can open deeper channels. The diameter of the channels overlaps with the grafts. Therefore, the healing is faster than the transplantation with other materials and then, no difference (hole or bulging) is felt on our face on the surface.

Since grafts are less likely to put pressure on each other than other methods, they allow more frequent placement of roots.