Hair transplantation is called hair root transplant. Hair follicles taken from the region where the hair is concentrated in the sparse region is called hair transplantation. (Hair is taken from the back of the head between two ears and from the side of the head) Although the procedure is surgical, it is a simple operation when compared with other surgical procedures, the risks are quite low and the recovery process is quick.

We provide hair transplantation, hair treatments, dental, obesity and medical aesthetic services.

A lifetime warranty is provided with a document including your planting information after the operation.

Hair transplantation operations take approximately 6-8 hours depending on the plan.

There are no traces in the reception area. Since the needles are 0.7 mm in diameter, there is no scarring.

The best line for your face and age is planned by Berkay Tulpar. Drawing is very important for natural appearance.

In males, we can take roots from the beard when the donor area is insufficient. There is no support area for women.

There is no change in hair structure after planting.

There is no change in hair structure after planting.

It can be applied to all men and women who do not have drug treatment or who have no drug treatment and who have no serious illness. People with any chronic illness should get a report from their doctor.

Thanks to “Dermojet” we use, people do not feel pain or ache. This method is a local anesthesia without side effects.

Hair transplanted in the first month after the operation is shed. This is a natural process. We call this process ‘Shock Loss. There is no shedding or re-spotting of the hair. When the grafts placed in the area where the cause of hair loss began to adapt to their new location; is to prepare the ground for the production of new and high quality hair by pouring the strands on them.

In the third month, it is a bit thin (like arm feathers) but the hair starts to grow. It accelerates in the Fourth Month and 60-65% of the process is completed in the Sixth Month. Our process varies from person to person, but one or one and a half years. Because the blood flow in the peak area is slower, it is natural to get a late result.

After obtaining approval from your doctor, you should discontinue the use of blood thinners such as aspirin 7 days before the operation. Before the hair transplant operation, you should inform us about your current health and the medications you use.

As a result, it is a process that is made to show more frequent and thickening without disturbing the normal beard and mustache structure.

In our country, FUE technique started to be applied in 2004. In the FUE method, the hair follicles are taken one by one with a special tip micro motor and transferred to the balding area. Fue method is a method that lasts 6-8 hours. This method is an effective hair transplantation method that is easily preferred by the patients as it provides hair formation without incision and suture marks.

The success rate of the operation is 95%.

With the Lateral Slit method used in beard transplantation, we can determine the exit angles in the direction of the original beard. With this system we can capture a natural look.

Because it has its own hair roots it looks much more natural than other applications.

The method used when opening a channel. It is the process of guiding the channels according to the size and shape of the graft. Since the direction of the channels opened in planting with this method is closest to nature, it is more dense and more natural in the hair that comes out. The LATERAL SLIT method is advanced sowing techniques in hair transplantation. Intense labor, experience and the need for suitable materials are at the forefront.

- Thin scalpels used for opening the canals are prepared specifically according to the thickness of the hair and grafts and the planned surgery. We use a special tool for this purpose

-With this method, channels are opened at much smaller angles than other methods. It is especially advantageous for those with thin skin and for planting in the beard area.

-Thanks to these specially prepared thin scalpels, it is possible to mimic the natural shaving of your beard.

--The depth of the channel opened with these scalpels is adjusted according to the root length of the prepared grafts, there is no risk of deep opening of the channels. This prevents us from the possibility of damaging the superficial veins of other materials that can be opened deeper.

-The diameter of the channels overlaps with the grafts. Therefore, healing is faster than planting with other materials, and then there is no difference (pit or puff) on the surface from your skin.

--Groups are less likely than the other (sagittal) method to print together, allowing frequent placement.

Many methods are used in hair transplantation. We use Lateral Slit method. The hair is placed at 30-35 degrees with the lateral slit method. With this method you get a natural hair look.

2-3 days after the hair transplant operation, you can continue your daily activities and work. From day 10, the wounds and shells are completely healed.

You have to wait at least 6 months for hair transplantation.

Sapphire blade is the name given to the special blades used in the grooving stage, which is the most important in hair transplantation and has a direct effect on the result. As the name suggests, these special sapphire blades, which are completely made of sapphire, have been obtained as a result of the studies carried out in order to provide more advanced technology. It is often preferred because the healing process is faster.

After 15 days you can do sports where you will not feel hiking or pressure. Heavy sports should be suspended for 1 month.

After 6 months of use of razors for sowing zone, straight razor is recommended as 1 year later. You can shorten your hair with scissors or machine after 1 month for the reception area. We recommend that you wait 6 months for the use of razors.

Itching is part of the healing process. This is normal, but you should contact your doctor for advice. Acne is also normal, but if it exceeds 15, please contact us.

Postoperative head dressing is removed after 1 or 2 days. Wound healing may be experienced in the donor area of the neck due to wound infection and similar reasons. However, due to good blood supply to the scalp, the likelihood of such a problem is extremely low, and even if so, it will heal easily. The healing process of the wounds is between 4 and 10 days. Swelling of the forehead may last from day 3 to day 5. During the hair growth period (between the 10th and 20th weeks), some acne may develop on the skin.