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In many scars (burns, scars, etc.), as in hair transplantation, roots are taken from the donor area with the FUE method, channels are opened with the most appropriate technique to the location of the wound and transplantation is performed. We examine it before the procedure and carry out the transfer process according to the needs of that area.

Operation Process


  • Hair
  • Beard
  • Eyebrow

How Is This Procedure Done?

When you have a hair transplant to cover these scars, we usually work in small areas. While taking root from the donor area, we can perform this process without cutting your hair. We support it with PRP Treatment to get the best results after the wound and burn scars are covered. The scar tissue can sometimes be thickened. We may need PRP Treatment before the procedure to create blood circulation in the area.

Before & After

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In Which Scarring Areas Hair Transplant Is Done?

  • Hair transplantation for wounds and burns on the scalp,
  • Beard transplantation to cover scars on the face such as cheeks, chin or upper lip.
  • Eyebrow transplantation to hide scars in the eyebrow area.

Will Scars Formed After Fut Method Heal?

We frequently come across clients who want to correct serious scars in the donor area, which were caused by older and lower technology of FUT method. It is never possible to completely hide the scars by moving the hair follicles to the scar tissue, but in almost all cases it is possible to significantly reduce the characteristic white scars. In some cases, we also pigment the scar tissue to reduce the shiny appearance of the scar tissue.

Can Scars From İnjuries And Accidents Be Covered?

We often come across scars from wounds, burns, traffic accidents or other accidents. We get successful results when we transplant hair to such scars. In this application, the appropriate area is determined from the donor area and the needed root groups are removed one by one with the FUE method. According to the condition of the tissue, the most appropriate method should be chosen to open a channel. Thus, the success rate increases.

Inspection is necessary before the procedure to evaluate how the result will be

Congenital Scars

Some people may have congenital scars or areas without hair. This can be in the hairy area, beard or eyebrow area. These areas can also be found in more than one area of ​​the body. We recommend that you consult to find out what corrections and treatments can be made.