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"Hair transplantation is a matter of experience."

Every job has a specialist. We welcome you to our world-class clinic with 18 years of experience in hair transplantation.

Who is Berkay Tulpar?

Berkay Tulpar has been providing uninterrupted service for more than 15 years in the clinic he founded under his own name (Berkay Tulpar Clinic). This success has been achieved owing to the priority that Berkay Tulpar gave and still gives to his patient’s satisfaction during of his years of service. And it has achieved 99.9 percent success in patient satisfaction. This rate, which is well above international standards, is one of the most important reasons why you should choose Berkay Tulpar for hair transplantation.

Berkay Tulpar Clinic, which accepts patients from all around the world, especially from European countries, now serves not only in hair transplantation, but also in Dentistry; Dental Aesthetics and Surgery with its professional medical staff. In addition, Berkay Tulpar Clinic offers medical services in Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, as well as Obesity Surgery.

As it is evident, Berkay Tulpar Clinic continues to increase its contributions in Turkey’s Health Tourism day by day.

USTIS Vice President, TİSK Board Member

The contributions Berkay Tulpar made to health tourism are also appreciated by the sector. He also continues to work as the Vice President of the International Health Tourism Employers’ Association Foundation (USTIS), which was officially established in 2021. 

Berkay Tulpar Clinic

World Known Brand

Berkay Tulpar, by using the latest technology FUE, DHI, Sapphire, Lateral Slit technique – one of the techniques he developed on his own, and Unshaved Hair Transplantation Technique, which has become very popular in the last year allows people to return to their social lives in a faster way; he determines the appropriate techniques for each patient’s needs achieving successful results. Berkay Tulpar continues to improve the techniques, processes and equipment he uses day by day in parallel with today’s technology.

Berkay Tulpar, who is well known around the world, also gives conferences abroad. Berkay Tulpar from tiem to time meets with prospective patients and former patients and answers their possible questions.

Our team is ready to welcome you at the head office in Istanbul in order to regain the self-confidence that patients think they have lost due to hair loss, to give them the opportunity to realize their dreams and to send them off with a smiling face.

One foot always in Europe

Berkay Tulpar visits Europe once a month to follow up with the operations he sucessefully carried out in Turkey, to do check-ups to his patients and also provide hair concultation to potential patients. Berkay Tulpar does the check-up and consultation only for his patient’s satisfaction , no fee is ever charged. In this way, the post-operative process development is analysed by an expert eye. For guests who want to come to Berkay Tulpar from abroad all services (hotel, ticket, airport transfers) are personally organized by Berkay Tulpar Clinic. In this way, all the anxieties that may occur on the guests are also eliminated. After the guests return to his country, they are called regularly (check-ups on the 10th Day, 1st Month, 3rd Month, 6th Month and 1st year) and also examined once a month to ensure that their satisfaction is at the highest level.

We have prepared a video on our homepage about the reason why our guests from all over the world choose Turkey and what you will experience on this journey. Your health and hair are valuable to us. For this reason, before you leave your country, in order to avoid any health problems you can examine our contract in detail by downloading it from the bottom of the page.