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Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males and females by reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth and slowing male pattern baldness. It is a process which regulates the proteins, vitamins and other nutrient levels and growth factors in the scalp of the patient suffering from balding. This is done by injecting in the least painful way, nutrient boosters in the scalp with the help of an injection gun to aid in the nourishing and hydrating of the scalp. This also includes initiating cell metabolism, eliminating infections and promoting and accelerating hair growth, improving blood circulation in the scalp and strengthening and reviving the hair follicles to help create dense, voluminous, strong, long and healthy tresses. This is a comparatively faster treatment than its counterparts as it helps to gradually restore hormonal balance and neutralizes the effects of DHT hormone leading to accelerated growth of new hair strands.

Operation Process

How is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

In order to prepare the scalp for the application, thermotherapy method is applied first. In this way, the scalp is made softer and prepared for mesotherapy. For the treatment, special mixtures are prepared according to the structure of the hair, the rate of hair loss and wear and tear. These mixtures include elements such as Minoxidil, vitamins, blood circulation enhancer, minerals and oligo.

Experts who will perform mesotherapy application can also add different drugs to the mixture according to the patient’s hair structure. The prepared drug mixture is placed in the mesotherapy gun. With this tool, it is possible to apply the procedure to the entire scalp more easily and evenly. Each time the gun is pressed, the 2 – 4 mm needle tip of the injector comes into contact with the scalp and the medication is applied to the scalp. Since the gun is connected to the computer, the dose of the injected drug can be adjusted on the computer screen. The application can also be done manually without using the gun. However, during manual hair mesotherapy application, it may not be possible to monitor the dose of the drug and spread the drug evenly over the entire scalp surface.

After the operation, a special oil is applied to the scalp to keep the drug in the hair follicles for a long time. After the application, the hair should not be washed and no cream or oil should be applied to the hair.

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How Many Sessions Is Hair Mesotherapy?

Before the application, the hair structure of the person is analyzed. As a result of the analyzes, the number and intervals of sessions are determined according to the structure of the hair fiber, the rate of wear and loss of the hair and the age of the patient. Hair mesotherapy is usually applied in 10 sessions. Sessions last 10 – 15 minutes for men and approximately 30 minutes for women. The first 3 – 4 sessions of the application are performed every 7 days and the remaining sessions are performed every 15 days. After the end of the sessions, additional sessions can be held once a month in order to complete the treatment.