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  • Hair Transplant

    "Hair transplantation is a matter of experience."

  • Dental Aesthetic

    Laughing is your right!

  • Plastic Surgery

    Have an aesthetic appearance!

  • Obesity Surgery

    You deserve a quality life!

Who is Berkay Tulpar?

Berkay Tulpar has been providing uninterrupted service in hair transplantation for 15 years in the clinic he established under his own name (Berkay Tulpar Clinic). Berkay Tulpar has reached today by giving priority to patient satisfaction during this process. And he has achieved 99.9 percent success in patient satisfaction. This rate, which is far above international standards, is one of the most important reasons why Berkay Tulpar is preferred for hair transplantation.

Berkay Tulpar Clinic, which accepts patients from all countries of the world, especially European countries, now provides services not only in hair transplantation but also in the field of Dental Aesthetics and Surgery with its professional doctor staff. In addition, Berkay Tulpar Clinic offers Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics as well as Obesity Surgery.

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Health Tourism in Turkey

After the procedure is decided; we provide your services (hotel, ticket, airport transfer) before you come to Turkey, provide a comfortable travel and treatment to our valued guests, and make sure that you are happy after you return to your country (10th day, 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month and 1 year controls) and monthly live examinations.

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

We meet you at the airport and make your transfer.

Accommodation Service

Accommodation Service

We make all the arrangements up to the hotel where you will stay.

Free Consulting

Free Consulting

Free video calls are available. High Quality

Professional Team

Professional Team

Our aim is always to ensure patient satisfaction.

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