Beard Transplantation

Operation Process

Beard Transplantation

Compared to hair transplantation, deciding to have a beard transplantation it is more difficult. For many years, we have been performing beard transplantation for people who want to have a thicker and fuller beard. The procedure is the same as a standard hair transplant. Beard transplantation is a medical procedure performed by taking healthy hair follicles from the top of the neck and the donor zone between the two ears, using the most advanced technology, FUE, to fill the areas on your face that you feel that are lacking of hair. Also, hair tightening can be done with this technology.


The distinguishing difference here is that while in hair transplantation we use grafts with more than one strip of hair, in beard transplantation only a graft with one strip of hair should be used. The reason is to give you a natural and genuine beard image. With the lateral slit method, which is the technique we have developed in beard transplantation, the channels should be opened in the original beard directions.

At this point, the most frequently asked question is;

 “After the transplantation will my beard grow like hair?”

No. When the follicles in the body change their place, they take the format of the area they pass after a certain time. The transplanted follicles will start to grow like your original beard after this time period has passed.

Deciding to have a beard transplant is easy. However, in "Which Clinic Should I Have it?" -The answer to this question is the most difficult. Now we would like to tell you why the answer to this question should be “Berkay Tulpar Clinic”.

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Why Should I Have a Beard Transplantation at Berkay Tulpar Clinic?

At Berkay Tulpar Clinic, we offer more than one reason for you to have a beard transplant. At first we design the beard line in a cutomized way, which we consider the most important step. At this stage of the procedure, the person’s age, facial and head structure are of great importance.

In the second stage, while taking the hair follicles from the donor zone there are things to pay attention to. To be clarified, a healthy person has an average of 70-80 grafts per 2 cm2 per area. Without damaging the donor area in one session per 1 cm2 an average of 10-15 grafts is being taken in a homogeneous way. This provides advantage for people who have beard transplantation; after the process is done it allows you to shave your hair in the donor zone at any length you wish.

In the third stage, another important process, which is the opening of the channels where the roots will be placed, comes. When opening the channels there are some distinctive differences. Channels are opened as the beard’s angle ,of 10-15 degrees, by using the Lateral Slit transplantation technique we capture the exact original beard angles.

What people fear the most is if there will be remaining scars on their face. As we mentioned above, we completely eliminate these problems with the Lateral Slit method. Apart from the technique used, of course, the experience and handicraft of the person performing the process are also of great importance. To explain briefly; The outer diameter of an average graft is 0.6mm. The point where we make a difference as Berkay Tulpar Clinic is that we use the Lateral Slit technique, which we have developed on our own, and allows us to organize the size of the outer diameter of the canals as 0.5mm when opening canals.

Berkay Tulpar Clinic, which pioneered the initiation of beard transplantation operations in Turkey and witnessed the results of thousands of beard transplantation procedures, it answers to the question – “Why Should I Have a Beard Transplantation at Berkay Tulpar Clinic?”.

Before & After

“When Will My Beard Grow?”

It takes a long time to see the result of beard transplantation. One month after the transplantation process takes place, with the situation we call shock shedding, the transplanted roots remain under the tissue and break the old hairs coming from the donor area. The reason for this is that they begin to form beard roots that will adapt to the area they have just passed and will grow in beard shape. Beards will start to grow in 3 to 4 months , and the best results are obtained after 12 months when the follicles reach full growth rate and the beard reaches full thickness. According to the researches, the beard process might take fully 24 months of time to be done, however this varies from person to person.

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  • Using the modern, safe and developed Lateral Slit technique for beard transplantation, we perform your procedure without dimples or bumps on your face.
  • Before beard transplantation, you can have a free examination in our clinic and evaluate your expectations with your specialist and get the beard of your dreams.

How is the Beard Line Designed?

How the beard line will look depends entirely on the person’s own decision. A natural beard line usually does not have straight or sharp lines; These straight, sharp lines are something you get by shaving. Getting the beard shape and placement of the beard line right is very important because together they form the shape of your face.

Some prefer to keep the beard line fairly straight, while others may set it a little higher with a softer shape. This is done so that the person has the option of shaving a straight line while still retaining the possibility of achieving a more natural look if desired.

You cannot eat solid food for 4 days after a beard transplant. Because the movement associated with chewing can damage the beard roots.