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Eyebrow lift is surgical procedure that changes general facial expression. It is performed on eyebrows that make the individual look tired. Thanks to this operation, the eyebrows revealing the beauty of the face and eyes will look rested, young, fresh, bright and clear.

Vertical and horizontal lines that develop on our forehead get deeper over time, making us look older than we are. These lines are also known as facial expression lines. They reveal our age and also make us look tired.

Operation Process

Eyebrow Lift

It is known that sagging of our eyebrows is also likely to be experienced due to diseases, besides the familiar conditions. The primary ones of such diseases are tumors, facial paralyses and postoperative conditions. Surely, our eyebrows have the most important position in terms of our facial appearance.

It is because our eyebrows feature our glances and facial expressions, giving meaning to our face. In brow lift, your eyebrows should be determined in accordance with your face shape, and then the operation should be done accordingly. Brow lift is a surgical procedure performed by freeing the tissues accessed through a small incision made in your scalp, and then suspending them upward. Since the operation is done through the scalp, scars will not be visible when looked at from outside. You will feel no serious pain after surgery, and will be able to return to your daily life immediately.

How Should the Ideal Eyebrow Be?

Of course, everyone has an eyebrow shape that suits their face shape and appearance, but it is also possible to talk about the concept of “ideal eyebrows” based on general tastes. There are ideal eyebrows according to face types. What suits most faces is that the first two-thirds of the eyebrow is upward, the outer third is slightly downward, and the starting point on the inner part is lower than the ending point on the outer part. It is recommended that people with round faces should have sharply angled eyebrows, those with oval faces should have slightly angled eyebrows, those with long faces should have straight eyebrows, and those with square or angular faces should have arc-shaped eyebrows. The length of the eyebrow is as important as the type of eyebrow. A common misconception is that the higher the eyebrow, the better it looks. This belief is not true and raised eyebrows may not suit every face.

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Recovery Period After Brow Lift Surgery

After brow lift or forehead lift surgery, a bandage and dressing is applied around your eyebrows and on your forehead. During this period, you can apply cold compresses to your forehead to help the edema go down faster than normal. Swelling may occur on your forehead in the postoperative period and these swellings are quite normal. However, bruising is not a very common condition.

It is recommended to contact your doctor in case of bruising. On the third day after the operation, it is possible to wash the hair carefully and without too much effort. The stitches are removed on the seventh day after surgery. Patients usually feel largely healed by the end of the first week after surgery, with the slight swelling in the forehead disappearing. You may temporarily experience difficulty in moving your eyebrows and forehead and numbness in your forehead after surgery. All these are expected within the normal healing process of the surgery. If you experience an unexpected situation during the healing process after brow lift surgery, you should contact your specialist doctor immediately.