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The hair follicles to be transplanted for eyebrow transplantation are taken from the area called the donor area, as in hair transplantation. Grafts with a single root group are taken thanks to the 0.6mm punches we use in eyebrow transplantation. In eyebrow transplantation the hair follicles we take are planted in the open area, they grow like hair for a certain period of time according to the body’s reaction. When the hairs on the body change their place, they take the format of the area they pass through. Although this process varies from person to person, it is completed at the end of a 1.5-2 years. During this time, you can cut the growing hairs with the help of scissors.

In eyebrow transplantation, sometimes the new hair we plant may come out a little crooked. Normally, after a few months, it clears up on its own and becomes thin. It is possible to pluck the ingrown hairs later.

According to the size of the area to be planted in eyebrow transplantation, a tightening process may be required after 6 months

Operation Process

Why Should You Have Eyebrow Transplantation at Berkay Tulpar Clinic?

  • We use Lateral Slit technology, which is the most modern and safe technology for eyebrow transplantation. With this technique, we can reduce the angle of the roots to be planted up to 10 degrees.
  • We extract the most suitable grafts for the eyebrow area by using 0.6mm punches with FUE technology while taking your roots.
  • We have significant experience in eyebrow transplantation and a portfolio of reference patients who have undergone the procedure.
  • Before eyebrow transplantation, we organize a free preliminary consultation with you to review the conditions and expected results.

Right Angle


Sharp Angle

Bending Angle

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Transplant for Fuller Eyebrows

If you have very thin eyebrows or have even lost your eyebrows, you can replace them with the help of a transplant. For example, many people start plucking their eyebrows at a very young age, which damages the hair follicles in the eyebrows. This leads to a complete cessation of hair growth, which deteriorates after a few years, leaving you with thin eyebrows. To have thicker and fuller eyebrows, an eyebrow transplant may be necessary.

Before Eyebrow Transplant

Hair strands have slightly different structure depending on where they come out on the head. Most of the time hair on the nape are more of darker color than the hair in front of the fringes and it is important to consider before the eyebrow transplant.

Normal eyebrows rarely grow longer than 10mm, normal head hair can grow up to a meter. This means that you will have to cut the “newly” planted eyebrows by time to time.

Sometimes the new hair we place in the eyebrow may come out a little crooked. Normally this will improve after a few months and the hair will become straight and thin. The crooked ingrown hairs can then be plucked.

Many people have very soft hairs on their eyebrows, but they may also have coarse and rough hairs growing on their head.

Before eyebrow transplantation we will have a consultation, will discuss your conditions and expected results.