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Eyelid aesthetics or blepharoplasty is a set of surgical applications applied to the upper and lower eyelids, performed by a plastic surgeon to remove sagging skin and excess muscle tissue and to tighten the tissues around the eyes.

Operation Process

Eyelid Plastic Surgery

With the advancement of age, sagging of the skin naturally occurs with the effect of gravity. In parallel with this process, findings such as bagging on the eyelids, loose skin, discoloration, loosening and wrinkles occur. Factors such as exposure to sunlight, air pollution, irregular sleep, excessive smoking and alcohol use accelerate the aging process of the skin.

How is Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Upper eyelid aesthetics or droopy eyelid surgery is simply the process of cutting and removing excess skin and muscle tissue in the area. An incision is made on the eyelid fold line so that the surgical scar is not visible. It gives better cosmetic results when applied together with forehead lift and brow lift operations.

How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

The fat pads located on the cheekbones when you are young are displaced downwards with the aging process due to the effect of gravity. This causes signs of aging in the form of collapse under the lower eyelid and deepening of the laugh lines around the mouth.

The aesthetic procedure for this fat pad is performed endoscopically by hanging the pads in place. This procedure is performed before any procedure is performed on the lower eyelid.

After the fat pads are suspended in place, it may not be necessary to perform any procedure on the lower eyelid. The lower eyelid is re-evaluated to check for bagging and sagging. If these findings have not disappeared, lower eyelid surgery is performed. The surgical incision is made just below the eyelashes. The skin is lifted and the fat packets here are spread to the under-eye socket, excess skin and muscle are cut and removed and the procedure is completed. If the under-eye depression persists after surgery, under-eye fat injection may be required after healing.

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At What Age Should Eyelid Aesthetics Be Performed?

Eyelid aesthetics are mostly performed by individuals over the age of 35. Because signs of aging on the eyelids often begin to be seen after this age. However, it is possible for anyone who needs it medically to have it done at any age. The surgery cannot stop the ongoing aging of the eyelids; but it maintains its effect for 7-8 years. After the surgery, the tired facial expression of the person is replaced by a lively and serene appearance.