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Hair transplantation is a medical procedure performed to remove healthy hair follicles from the donor area; from top of the nape or the are between the two ears; with the most advanced technology, FUE, and planting the healthy hair in the sparse and bald areas of your head. Also with this technology we can do the tightening of the hair.

It is easy to make a decision on having a hair tansplantation. However, in “Which Clinic Should I Do It?” finding the answer to this question is the hardest part.

Now we would like to expalin to you why the answer to this question should be

Berkay Tulpar Clinic”.

Operation Process

Why Should I Get a Hair Transplantation at Berkay Tulpar Clinic?

At Berkay Tulpar Clinic, we offer more than one reason for you to have a hair transplant. At first we design the hairline in a cutomized way, which we consider the most important step. At this stage of the procedure, the person’s age, facial structure, gender and the size of the bald area are of great importance.

In the second stage, while removing the hair follicles from the donor area there are things to pay attention to. To be clarified, a healthy person has an average of 70-80 grafts per 2 cm2 area. Without damaging the donor area in one session per 1 cm2 an average of 15-20 grafts is being taken in a homogeneous way. This provides advantage for people who have hair transplantation; after the process is done it allows you to shave your hair on the donor zone as short as you want.

In the third stage, another important process, which is the opening of the channels where the roots will be placed, comes. When opening the channels there are some distinctive differences. Channels are opened at an angle of 10-15 degrees, which is the exit angle of hair in an adult, by using the hair transplantation technique that is most suitable for the opening. In fact, at this stage, it is all about the experience and handicraft of the person performing the operation. At this very point, with 17 years of experience and thousands of successful hair transplant results, it gives an answer to “Why Should I Have Hair Transplantation at Berkay Tulpar Clinic?” question

Get your hair transplant done at Berkay Tulpar Clinic

  • We have years of experience in hair transplantation.We use all modern and safe techniques that the person needs for hair transplantation.
  • Before deciding on hair transplantation, we offer free examination to ensure the success of the procedure.
  • Post-procedure hair treatments and treatments are included in the price of hair transplantation in order to accelerate the healing process and promote hair growth.

Before & After



Do not consume alcohol 48 hours before hair/beard transplant.

Since alcohol has a blood thinner effect, it can increase your bleeding during operation


Tobacco is harmful to the body’s natural healing process and significantly affects the result of hair/beard transplantation. For this reason, we recommend that you reduce the use of cigarettes and snus (chewing tobacco) one week before the surgery.


Caffeine acts as a blood thinner, as does snus. For this reason, coffee-derived and caffeine-containing beverages should not be consumed 48 hours before the surgery.

Blood Thinner Drugs

Before hair/beard transplantation, we recommend that you have a good breakfast that will not disturb your stomach and will keep you full.


Do not shave before coming to the operation. We would love to see how your hair/beard grows naturally. In this way, we will make the most appropriate and natural planning for you.

Comfortable Clothes

Bring an easy-to-button blouse or shirt, so you can easily wear it after hair/beard transplant without touching the transplated area.

A Good Breakfast

Before hair/beard transplantation, we recommend that you have a good breakfast that will not disturb your stomach and will keep you full.

Hair Transplant Takes A Long Time

Hair/Beard transplantation may take between 6 to 8 hours. Do not book anything else during the day. It may also be good for you to take leave from work for the first few days after hair/beard transplantation.

Hair Transplant Procedure


Our experts determine the most suitable hairline, number of grafts and application plan for you.


The application area is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied so that you do not feel any pain.

Collection of Grafts

Grafts are usually collected from the nape, where the hair is the most abundant and strong.

4. Opening Channels

We open diamond-tipped micro channels in the direction of natural hair to the area where the grafts will be transplanted. It is the most important stage in hair transplantation.

5. Sowing Process

We transplant the grafts taken from the nape area to the determined area with the most appropriate density and angle.

6. First Wash

The first washing process is performed in our clinic by a specialist team one day after the surgery.


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My donor area is weak, can I still have a hair transplant?

If the follicles in the donor area are not of sufficient amount to cover the bald area in male hair transplant, we can close the area at the maximum level in a homogeneous way by taking follicle support from the beard in the lower part of the chin.

The hair in my donor area is insufficient, can I have a transplant with only the roots taken from the beard?

If there are not enough roots in your donor area, large bald areas cannot be closed by taking hair follicles only from the beard. Thus, you are not suitable for hair transplantation. You can consider alternative processes. (Wigs, microblading, etc.)

Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE is not a hair transplant technique. FUE is the process of only taking the hair follicles from the donor area, one by one, under local anesthesia with a special tipped micro motor.
FUE is not a hair transplant technique. FUE is the process of only taking the hair follicles from the donor area, one by one, under local anesthesia with a special tipped micro motor.

The biggest advantage of FUE is that there are no incisions and stitches. It is the most effective hair removal method, which is easily preferred by patients, as the hair follicles are taken one by one and the recovery time is shorter than when done with other methods. In the FUE technique, the head is totally shaved. According to the number of the grafts taken and the baldness size it is determined how many sessions should be done. If 2 sessions of hair transplantation are required, at least 6 months should pass. Hair Follicles are taken with Micromotor device. FUE is most used technique in the world and in Turkey. Because it is both affordable and easy to apply, and the hair follicles are always taken with the micromotor device in a homogeneous crossing way. The grafts we get during hair transplantation are with 1, 2, 3 up to 4 hair follicles. In order to take 2-3 hair follicles graft, the experience of the specialist is very important, because the hair follicles should not be damaged while being taken.

In the channel opening phase of hair transplantation; Instead of metal slit, grooving process is carried out with the help of tips produced from real sapphire, which is a very valuable mineral. Sapphire glass is the hardest glass in the world after diamond.
To mention the advantages of channels opened using a sapphire tip, thanks to the smooth and antibacterial surface of the sapphire, both trauma and tissue damage are minimized as there is less vibration during the channel opening phase.

One of the biggest differences of the sapphire tip from other methods is that it can plant more frequently.

With this method, the angle of the channels to be opened can be reduced to 10-15 degrees and 60-65 grafts can be planted per cm2. Sapphire tips have special numbers for each area in order to open channels in bald zones.
Thanks to the sapphire tip, there is less bleeding in hair transplantation. In addition, the planting area heals faster and more natural results are obtained. Also, edema will be at lower level.

The probability of the grafts pressing on each other is lower than with other methods, this provides the opportunity to place the grafts in a more dense way.
We use the sapphire technique especially in the unshaven hair transplantation. Because the channel can be opened without damaging the original hair.
Sapphire technique has names such as Diamond Pen and Sapphire Fue.

In the Long Hair Technique, the grafts are transplanted with long hairs. With this technique hair is not shaved from any area of the heead including the donor zone.

In order to accelerate the healing process, channels are opened with the Sapphire Technique.

With this technique, hair transplant can be done on the zones where the hair started shedding or has totally falllen.
When compared with other transplantation methods, the operation time and hair transplantation process do not change in the Long Hair technique.

One of the advantages of this technique is grafts can be taken manually with the help of a special tool.

Since it is removed in this way, the hair follicles remain under our control and do not suffer any damage.

At the end it provides the same success and comfort as the other used shaving methods.
The person can return to his daily life 2 days after the operation.

Examination is required for this technique to be performed.
An average of 1500 – 2000 grafts can be transplanted in one session.

In whole Istanbul this technique is performed only in few clinics.

Since the cost is high fort his type of transplantation it cannot be applied to everyone.

We can apply unshaven hair transplantation if the client’s bald area is suitable. In this kind of transplantation hair follicles are taken with FUE method. Afterwards, the channels are primarily opened with the SAPPHIRE technique.
In cases where Mr. Berkay considers it appropriate, canal and transplantation can be done with DHI.

The donor area where the roots will be taken is shaved with the machine. However, the area to be planted is never shaved.

The recovery process after hair transplantation is exactly the same.

The biggest advantage of this method is that the hair regains its normal appearance in 10-12 days, while in shaved transplants this process takes 2-3 months.

The rate of hair growth in an adult male is 1.2 cm in 21 days.

In adult women, it is 1.5 cm in 21 days.

DHI Hair Transplantation is the placement of individually collected hair follicles in the transplantation area with automatic Choi implanter pens.
In DHI Hair Transplantation, the grafts taken with a surgical pen, the thickness of which varies between 0.6 mm and 1 mm, after they are separated and cleaned, they are directly transplanted into the scalp without opening any channels.
In normal hair transplantation methods this process is usually done in two sessions, since in DHI Hair Transplantation it is done in one go with implanters it is called direct hair transplantation.