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Laminate veneer is one of the most used techniques in smile design. It is an extremely thin and aesthetic material that is attached only to the front surface of teeth, like classical crowns, with a special technique.

Since it can be made very thin (0.3 – 0.7 mm), this method can provide excellent aesthetics without any or very little abrasion on the teeth. In addition, with laminate veneers due to the fact that it is a material with a very high light transmittance, we can easily provide the most natural and most aesthetic appearance, which cannot be distinguished from our own teeth.

Operation Process

Laminate Veneer

Before laminate veneers are applied, digital planning is done following examination, x-rays, pictures and videos. In the planning, gender, age, lip positions, face shape, skin color, the desired character (tough, sympathetic etc.) are taken into consideration. According to the patients’ decision the smile desing on the screen is applied to the mouth with a special method we call mock up. It is designed alive in the patient’s mouth and evaluated together with the team. Until that point, the teeth have not been touched yet. After the ideal result is decided, the process is started with or without abrading the teeth. Depending on the number of teeth, the perfect smile is tried in the mouth with the support of 3D printers by our expert technician team in a short period of 1-3 days. After the opinions and requests are examined in detail, necessary corrections are made, if any, then the veneers are attached to the teeth on the same day.

Thanks to the special bonding technique, you will not have any restrictions on eating and drinking when you leave our clinic and you will be able to laugh a lot. Congratulations on your new smile.

The production of laminate veneers is very delicate and requires a high degree of mastery. Just because the teeth are on the front does not mean that the laminate veneers are weak or will fall off easily. When it is done in master hands according to the technique, they will never fall.

Laminate veneers can be applied to everyone. However, some of our patients have the habit of grinding their teeth at night without realizing it. In these cases, their natural teeth are worn and damaged, as well can happen to the laminate veneers. For this reason, we recommend to these patients, who clench or grind their teeth, to use the night plaque.

How long do laminate veneers last?

When done ideally with the right techniques and with a skilled team and with good care of the patient, it will maintain its first day condition for many years. According to the way of use we can say 10-30 years.

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Which Disorders Can We Correct With Laminate Veneer?

  • Discoloration of teeth,
  • Hereditary tooth enamel disorder,
  • Deformity,Short teeth,
  • Broken, cracked teeth,
  • Asymmetrical teeth,
  • Gap between teeth, diastema,
  • Worn teeth,
  • Crooked teeth,
  • Situations where gums are seen more when we laugh, gummy smile,
  • Teeth with incompatible gingival levels,
  • Caries on the front surfaces of the teeth,
  • In many cases, we only need 1-3 days for you to have the smile of your dreams with laminate veneer.
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