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The importance of first impression plays a big role in nowdays communications. Studies has shown that people first focus on the eyes and teeth while having a conversation. A beautiful smile will definitely allow us to be a few steps ahead in social situations that will significantly increase self-confidence. Smile design will provide us with a serious benefit in this sense.

Operation Process

What is Smile Design?

We can summarize the smile design as the ideal personalized teeth alignment. The digital smile design, called the Hollywood Smile today, is not just about the white teeth that show off when you smile. We evaluate the mouth, teeth and face structure as a whole. Whether you are a man or woman, your age, face shape, skin color, nose structure, gum health, the amount of gum exposure, your gum color, the shape of your lower and upper lips when talking, laughing, even during laughter or in natural positions, every aspect of your teeth and gums is of great importance in smile design.
Do you want a flamboyant, remarkable, impressive smile with our expert staff and advanced technology devices, with the smile design we will make by considering all these factors and more? Or do you want a beautiful and natural smile as if they were your real teeth?

When you visit our clinic, the order of processes will be as follows.

1. First of all, taking thenecessary measurements for detailed intraoral examination and design.
2. Periapical , BTW, panoramic 2D or 3D dental tomography.
3. Professional video and photo shooting
4. Listening to the complaints and requests of our valued patients in detail and conveying our recommendations.
5. Based on these information a smile analysis will be performed in the digital environment. Evaluating this analysis with our patients on the screen, making corrections in line with the necessary requests, and transferring the appropriate smile design to the mouth temporarily, allowing our patients to see our design not only on the computer screen but also in their own mouth.

(Note 1: Until this stage, no operation has been done in the mouth. At this stage, the final version of the smile design treatment to be performed is seen on the computer screen or in the mouth. If the smile design is approved, the process begins.)
(Note 2: We will explain in more detail the material or coating type to be used in the approved design and other processes if necessary (laminate, full ceramic crown, zirconium crown, implant, bridge, bonding, gummy smile, gum diseases, whitening, orthodontics, invisalign, laser, the electro surgery.)
6. After the approved design, only simple local anesthesia is applied for the procedure to be performed on the tooth and, if necessary, on the gingiva. If necessary, preparations are made on the teeth and real measurements are taken.
7. In a very short time (within 1-3 days depending on the number of teeth to be made), the actual state of the design that was planned before is tried in your mouth. As a result of the evaluation of both us as our team, our patients and your relatives, if necessary corrections or changes are made and then the teeth are applied in the mouth on the same day.

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In Which Situations Can Smile Design Be Applied?

  • Do you deliberately or unknowingly cover your mouth with your hand while talking or laughing?Not satisfied with the color of your teeth?
  • Not satisfied with the shape and size of your teeth?
  • Are your teeth crooked?
  • Do you have asymmetry in your mouth or teeth?
  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you have a missing tooth?
  • Are your teeth too far forward or too far back?
  • Are your lower teeth more visible than your upper teeth?
  • Do your gums show a lot when you smile?
  • You are a woman, your face is no longer triangular like it used to be, you have a wide chin, a square face line and you don’t like this situation?
  • And you think it’s due to weight gain?
  • Do your lips look sunken and thin?
  • Do you have bleeding in your gums?
  • Are your gums purple?
  • Do you have cavities on your teeth?
  • Do you have old-fashioned black fillings?
  • Are your white fillings discolored?
  • Do you have bad breath?
  • Are your teeth short?
  • Are you clenching or grinding your teeth?
  • Do you have wear on your teeth?
  • Are your teeth healthy but not visible?
  • Are your teeth healthy but your gums have problems?
  • Do you have gum recession?
  • Are your teeth loose?
  • Can’t bite hard and eat whatever you want?
  • As you get older, have facial collapse started yet?
  • Do you have speech disorders caused by missing or broken tooth?
  • Get support for smile design from our expert team.
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