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One of the indispensable parts of smile design is zirconium crowns. Aesthetic applications that we can do with laminate veneers are also possible with zirconium crowns.

Zirconium crowns surround the tooth just like ceramic crowns.

Operation Process

Zirconia Crown

One of the indispensable parts of smile design are zirconia crowns. Aesthetic applications that we can do with laminate veneers are also possible with zirconia crowns.

Zirconia crowns, like all-ceramic crowns, cover the tooth.

In the inner part of the ceramic, there is a tooth-colored infrastructure called zirconium that increases durability. Thanks to this infrastructure, in the presence of missing teeth, if implants cannot be made or implants are not preferred, zirconium bridges come to our rescue. Even though the teeth are in conjuction with bridges, since zirconium is a highly aesthetic material, the teeth will have a one by one appearance.

In some cases of clenching or grinding, if night plaque is not desired, the possibility of damage to the teeth can be minimized with full zirconium crowns. In this way, we can design smiles for our patients who grind their teeth intensely.

Treatment duration and stages are the same as laminate veneers. Get support from our team for the right choice

In Which Disorders Can Zirconium Crown Be Applied?

  • discoloration of teeth,
  • hereditary tooth enameldisorder,
  • deformity,
  • short teeth,
  • Broken, cracked teeth,
  • asymmetrical teeth,
  • gap between teeth, diastema,
  • worn teeth,
  • crooked teeth,
  • Situations where gums are seen more when we laugh, gummy smile
  • Teeth with incompatible gingival levels,
  • As a bridge in the absence of one or more teeth,
  • As a crown or bridge over the implant in edentulous jaws

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Zirconium Crown Advantages

  • It is a very solid and aesthetic material as infrastructure.
  • It is extremely resistant to chewing forces.
  • Especially in patients who are clenching or grinding their teeth, the risk of damage to the teeth is eliminated by applying a Full
  • Zirconium Crown.
  • It is suitable for digital design.
  • It is possible to produce with the Cad Cam system. In this way, it is produced both aesthetically and in a very short time.
  • Does not cause allergies or irritation to the gums
  • It is extremely safe for patients who do not use metal infrastructure.
  • Does not cause bruising on the gums
  • Does not cause gum recession.
  • It can be used in people with gum problems.
  • It is long lasting.
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