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Conservative Dentistry, is a restoration treatment applied to decayed or worn teeth . It is extremely important for the health of teeth. In fact, if laminate veneers, full ceramic or zirconium crowns are to be made for aesthetic smile design, bruises should be cleaned with conservative treatment.

It should be treated in a healthy way as if it will only remain as a filling. If the treatment is not done fırst it will cause damage to your covered teeth , and you can only understand this after years. This will shorten the lifespan of your teeth. For this reason, in our clinic we apply conservative treatment in the best way, whether or not smile design is applied .

Operation Process

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Conservative Dentistry

Filling treatments are very healthy, aesthetic in appereance and very long-lasting. When it is made with the right techniques and good materials, there is never any filling drop and it is at a level that will meet our needs aesthetically.

In addition, bonding applications are also included in conservative treatment. If you are generally satisfied with your teeth, if there is a gap between one or a few teeth only in the anterior region, these gaps can be closed with bonding applications. It is an extremely simple, aesthetic and economical long-lasting treatment method.

Wedge-shaped abfraction at the gingival margin of the tooth due to brushing with hard and incorrect movements (which can often cause sensitivity in the teeth) can be closed with the bonding technique, both aesthetic improvement and sensitivity relieve are done.

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