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Gummy smile is a condition in which the gums appear more than normal while talking or laughing. Since the gum levels are not at the level required for each tooth, some teeth may appear asymmetrically longer and some teeth may appear shorter.

Although some of us do not notice these situations, it is seen as an aesthetically negative situation from the outside. Some of us realize this situation but do not know that the treatment is very simple.

Operation Process

Gummy Smile

The details of the high positive contribution we will add to your smile with the simple application we will make with laser or electrosurgical technique are as follows.

First of all, our specialist physician examines you with detailed pictures and videos. X-rays are taken if necessary. Measurements are made. It is determined how many mm will be intervened in the gums of which teeth. After a very light local anesthesia is applied for interventions within the 2-3 mm limit, the procedure is completed painlessly in a very short time such as 5-10 minutes with a light touch. As a result of this procedure, our teeth and smile will look much healthier and aesthetic.

In some cases of 4mm and above where laser is not sufficient, more advanced problems can be solved in as little as 30 minutes with simple gum surgery.

A similar gum problem; Some areas of the gums have a very dark burgundy, purple or black appearance. This aesthetic problem can be corrected within minutes with laser or electrosurgical peeling. In this way, you can have natural vivid pink gum tissues and therefore a beautiful smile as it should be.

In addition to these techniques, botox application is one of the treatment alternatives. If needed, we can successfully use Botox treatment alone or in combination with the treatment described above.


Generally, from the moment you leave our clinic, you can continue your daily life (eating, drinking, sports, etc.) as before.

Will I go back to my old self again?

Although rare, it can partially return to its former state after years. However, over the years, it will be in better condition than its original state.

Is there any inconveniences if I want to do it again?

If it is partially restored, there is no harm in repeating the process.

Is there any bleeding during or after the procedure?

No, there is absolutely no bleeding.

Is sewing necessary?

Since there is no incision in laser or electrosurgery techniques, no stitches are required.

Is post-procedure control necessary?

The process is done and finished in minutes. It does not need to be checked later.

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What causes Gummy Smile?

Although the cause of gummy smile is mostly hereditary, sometimes some orthodontic problems can also cause our gum levels to be uneven.