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Candidate Client Clarification Text

  1. The Subject of the Lighting Text

    This clarification text is about the identification of the data controller, the purpose and reason of processing some personal data belonging to the data subject, the possible state of transfer, the rights and responsibilities of the data subject arising from personal data processing activities.

    Data Controller

    The data controller is the natural or legal person responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system, who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. Within the scope of the personal data processing activity subject to this clarification text; the data controller is ESTE DESIGN HEALTH SERVICES ANONIM ŞIRKETI, which provides services under the Berkay Tulpar Clinic brand (V.K.N. 3800551308) and the data controller is Berkay TULPAR, who is individually authorized to represent and bind the company.

    Data controller company and company official joint contact information: 

    Address : Fulya Mahallesi, Buyukdere Caddesi, Beyazit Han Business Inn, No:86, Floor:2, D:4A Sisli, Istanbul / TURKEY 

    Phone : +90 212 909 37 46, +90 532 120 57 71 

    E-mail : 

    Website :

    Contact Person

    The relevant person mentioned in this clarification text and who is the addressee of this text is the candidate consultant whose personal information such as identity, contact and location information, communication and service preferences are processed. The personal data processed and belonging to the candidate client are not limited to those listed in the previous sentence, but may be expanded to the extent that they comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data. Candidate consultant; a real person who contacts our company or requests to be contacted in order to get general information about the activities of our company and hair and beard October or other aesthetic treatments.

    Purpose of Data Processing

    Responsible for data, especially the call center processes to manage, liaise and communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders to deliver the service that is likely to advertising and marketing activities to increase the quality and diversity of service to do a statistical study, work order within the institution and for ensuring the efficiency reports to make it possible for the purposes of fulfilling the obligation of proof in legal disputes of personal data processing. The purpose of processing personal data is determined by the data controller, provided that it is legitimate and measured, and may vary.

    Collection of Personal Data

    Personal data are collected through the website or e-mail address of the data controller, information and request forms on social media, direct call to the call center of the data subject or physical visit to the operating address of the data controller company.

    The Legal Basis of the Data Processing Activity

    The reason for processing the identity, contact and location information of the data subject, as well as communication and service preferences, is that it is mandatory for a contract to be established between the data subject and the data controller service provider, and that the data controller provides legitimate interests without harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject. Dec. Personal data belonging to the relevant person, as well as being clearly stipulated in the laws; due to the actual impossibility doesn’t explain consent in the case of legal validity of consent or the life or physical integrity of the person unrecognized is mandatory for the protection of himself or others; directly related with the performance of a contract, provided that the parties to the contract is required for the processing of personal data; it is mandatory for principal to fulfill the legal obligation of data; have been publicly available by the contact itself; it may also be processed based on the reasons that data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right.

    Data Transfer

    The personal data of the relevant person with the status of a candidate consultant are not transferred by the data controller to any third party or institution. The legal obligations that the data controller must fulfill against official institutions and organizations, such as judicial authorities, are reserved.

    The Rights of the Concerned

    Contact person;

    To learn whether the personal data belonging to him/her are processed or not and to request information about the processed personal data,
    To learn for what purpose their personal data are processed and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose of processing,
    To learn whether their personal data has been transferred to third parties domestically or abroad and to learn the identity of the third person to whom it has been transferred if it has been transferred,
    To request the correction of incomplete or incorrectly processed personal data and to notify the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred in order to make the same correction,
    To request the deletion or destruction of the personal data processed by the data controller and to provide the necessary notification for the deletion or destruction of the personal data transferred to third parties,
    In the event that the processed data are analyzed exclusively by means of automated systems and a result arises against the person concerned due to this analysis; do not object,
    If he/she suffers damage due to the unlawful processing of his/her personal data, he/She has the right to request compensation for the damage.

    The person concerned must comply with Section 2 of this clarification text. the address shown in the article may forward the request via e-mail or website. The data controller responds as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after the request is sent to him. If the data subject does not specify a special preference, a response can be given through any of the known communication channels of the data subject. If the conclusion of the request creates a financial burden for the data controller, a fee may be charged from the data subject in accordance with the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

    Responsibility of the Person Concerned

    If the data subject cannot benefit from the services offered by the data controller due to incomplete or incorrect data sharing, he/she will endure this and the damages arising from it. If the person concerned discloses personal data belonging to someone else as if it belonged to him, he is obliged to remedy the damages caused by the data controller or third parties for this reason. If the data subject violates the confidentiality of the personal data belonging to third parties that he/she learned during the service relationship between him/her and the data controller, he/she shall bear the civil and Decriminalization liability arising from this.

    Other Considerations

    You can review our Personal Data Security Policy by visiting our website to get detailed information about the processes of collecting, storing, processing, transferring, protecting, destroying personal data and ensuring compliance with the personal data protection legislation, or 2. you can contact us through the channels shown in the article.

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