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Men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their buttocks want to undergo butt lift (BBL) surgery due to the size and shape of their buttocks and sagging skin in this area.

This procedure is ideal for people who have lost the shape and fullness of the buttocks as a result of excessive weight loss or who wish to maintain the side view of the buttocks with a more aesthetic curve.

Operation Process

Gluteoplasty (Buttock Reshaping)

Butt lift is a surgical procedure that can be customized according to the expectations of each patient.

While buttocks with excessive skin sagging can be done by removing excess skin using the traditional method, those who want to slightly enlarge their buttocks and achieve a sexier appearance prefer the Brazilian Butt Lift, which has become more popular in recent years. In any case, buttock suspension surgery is a suitable surgical intervention to achieve an aesthetic and sexy lower body.

Like most plastic surgery procedures, buttock suspension surgery is often in demand in conjunction with liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast aesthetic operations.

Many patients want butt lift surgery to shape their bodies or to increase their personal confidence, but you must meet certain criteria in order to have this surgery. In general, the following criteria are sought in the candidate patient who will have a butt lift operation:

  • You should be in good general health so that you can recover properly after the surgery due to the need for anesthesia.
  • You should have realistic expectations and your psychological health should be in place.
  • Smoking will negatively affect both your healing process and the outcome of the operation. Patients who are active smokers should stay away from tobacco products before and after surgery for the period determined by your surgeon.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is a major obstacle to having this or similar operations.
  • For Brazilian butt lift operation, there must be enough fat that can be removed from your body.
  • In the classical butt lift operation, there must be enough excess tissue and skin.
  • Avoid rapid and large weight loss as it may affect the results of your surgery.

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  • Patients who wish to remove excess tissue from their buttocks may opt for a traditional butt lift or other body contouring procedures.
  • A butt lift is a serious surgical procedure, if you are considering a butt lift and have not been successful when you have tried to tighten and improve the shape and size of the butt with exercise and nutrition…. etc. it should only be performed on patients who have not achieved the desired results in other ways.
  • For Brazilian butt lift surgery, you need to have excess fat deposits elsewhere on your body that your surgeon can remove with liposuction, purify and use to transfer fat. This fat should be easily accessible, ideally around the buttocks.
  • Since the fat will need to be purified, you typically need to provide three to four times the amount of fat you want transferred.
  • If you do not have excess fat deposits, you may need to gain weight or consider an alternative (implant) before the butt lift procedure.
  • Don’t be afraid of extra sagging skin. In this case, you may need to have a traditional butt lift before trying the brazilian fat transfer technique.
  • You need to have the right body shape for a butt lift. Your surgeon can help you decide whether adding volume from behind is proportionally appropriate for your appearance. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine if you are a good candidate for either (or both) of these procedures during your initial consultation. During this first appointment, he or she will discuss your treatment goals and decide if there are any factors that would prevent you from having butt lift surgery.
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