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A woman’s breasts are one of the most aesthetic and feminine body features. As women age, young, firm breasts begin to loosen, sag and droop.

After childbearing and breastfeeding, many women complain of deformities in their breasts, which can manifest as loss of volume, elasticity and sagging of the breast. Other causes of sagging breasts include hormonal changes, weight gain/loss and changes in skin elasticity.

Operation Process

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can help restore a more youthful appearance. You can have a firm, fuller and higher breast position on the chest for a re-attractive body profile.

Breast lift, also medically referred to as mastopexy, is designed to elevate and reshape the breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the redundant nipple and areola complex. Some women complain of overgrown breasts that cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Heavy breasts and tight bra straps under the breast and on the shoulder can cause irritation in those areas.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to relieve the physical discomfort and restrictions caused by the weight of very large breasts. Breast reduction surgery in Istanbul is performed by removing some tissue and skin from the breasts to reshape the breasts and reduce their size.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery takes around 2 hours.

One of the most curious issues about breast lift surgeries is whether there is a scar after surgery. As with every surgical intervention, breast lift also leaves scars. While the scars are more prominent and red in the early period, they fade as time passes and become barely noticeable.

Before breast lift surgery, smoking should be stopped or reduced if possible, excessive consumption of herbal products should be avoided and if there is an active soft tissue disease, its treatment should be regulated.

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What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift Surgery?

The postoperative night is spent in the hospital for follow-up and if there is no problem, discharge is given the next morning. Heavy exercise should be avoided in the early postoperative period, but heavy bed rest is not required. The patient should lie on his/her back for 4 weeks postoperatively and especially avoid lying face down in the early postoperative period. Generally, the dressings made during the operation are not changed until the first control. After the wound sites are checked at the control, the patient is allowed to take a shower if there is no obstacle. The special bra applied after surgery should be used for 6-8 weeks.

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